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Greg's Three Pillars of Economic Justice

to create a pathway of upward mobility for all Tulsans


To be an economic powerhouse in the 21st century, cities must meet the needs of growing companies and changing populations. With sustainable infrastructure, a welcoming environment, and innovative transportation solutions, Tulsa can attract and recruit talent and companies from around the region and world.


Tulsa has historically assumed the mantle of economic leadership, yet the city has followed the direction of others in recent years. By strengthening the City’s partnership with our education institutions, repairing harm done to descendants of the 1921 race massacre, and starting an office to build the power of all Tulsans to take charge of their financial health, we can restore Tulsa to its rightful place as the economic driver in our region and country.


The next decade presents a series of complex and difficult challenges. Tulsa can be a truly 21st-century city if we innovate, adapt, and invest to meet the task set before us. We must support Tulsans today to rise to the challenges of tomorrow. We can ready our workforce by supporting small businesses and local entrepreneurs, focusing on community wealth building, and allowing our anchor institutions to lead in their sectors. 

Greg's Four Core Values for a Stronger Tulsa


Tulsa will be a city rooted in
Inclusive Economic Development
to ensure all Tulsans have the freedom to access wealth and prosperity.


Tulsa will be a city rooted in justice through investment in
Mental and Public Health.
No longer will we criminalize disease addiction or poverty. Instead, we will use city funds to build a better future for all of us.


Tulsa will be a city rooted in
Equity in Housing and Public Education
to ensure that all of our families are cared for and have the resources they need.


Tulsa will be a city where we put the
Safety of People Over Politics
through taking bold and innovative approaches.

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